SUMPTUOUS MEDIA is a commercial production company specializing in tabletop production, motion control shooting, and stop-motion animation.

Beautiful food, liquid, and product cinematography are the essence of our TABLETOP work. The products of our clients become an aspiration once our team of food stylists and production designers enhance them.

Our Milo MOTION CONTROL system allows for precise and repeatable camera movement. This can make the impossible, possible and also save a tremendous amount of time on the shoot day.

STOP-MOTION animation makes the ordinary extraordinary. This technique allows us to take inanimate objects and make them as graceful as Fred Astaire, which can be an effective way to bring our clients products to life.

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David Warren,

Partner, Executive Producer

David Warren is an award winning producer and serial entrepreneur. He produced spots and content at Cartoon Network and founded ATL Locations, a location scouting and management company. A commercial real estate broker and native Texan, David graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Television & Film.

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Nigel G. Rowe,

Partner, Director

Nigel G. Rowe started his career in London and moved to Atlanta 20 years ago to work at Turner Studios. He brings 25 years of production experience – as director, director of photography, VFX supervisor, & stereographer. Nigel and his company Roundel MC, a motion control firm, have worked on projects ranging from feature films like Antman, Television shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and numerous commercials and music videos.

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Introduction to Food Styling with Food Stylist, Vanessa McIntyre

The biggest misconception of food styling is that everything is fake. We enhance the food more than fake it. You may not cook the turkey all the way through so that the skin is not…

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Stop Motion Animation with Director Nathan Lee

Stop motion animation is a technique of taking photos and stitching them together to create movement. It has been around since the dawn of motion pictures and is relevant today because it is real, tactile,…

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Motion Control with Nigel Rowe

Motion control is a mechanical process to move a camera through space and control every aspect of it: focus, frame rate, & position. In the old days it was a mechanical process where the camera…

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Lighting for Tabletop with Gaffer Bobby Earnhardt with

The key to lighting table-top is working with a Director who does this all the time. They need to be savvy enough to arrange the products in a way that is visually appealing. Crystals, bottles, tiles,…

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